specialized fitness & wellness
mental health, addictions & trauma

Over 25 years of specialized fitness & artistic movement therapeutics in mental health, adaptive physical education and addictions recovery fitness.

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Work hard, sweat profusely

You have the right to receive excellent trauma-informed, body-positive, fitness assessment, personal training and wellness coaching, suited to just you and your own healing.  Everybody is different, and we don't hold false ideals.  Come as you are.


Laugh loud, laugh often

Time to change the way you think about exercise.  Let's laugh & smile!  Our program is inclusive regardless of ability, and do we love to have fun!


Respect your bod

Your physiology is unique.  Sedentary living, substance use and mental health can affect your body in so many different ways. On this new journey, your needs change regularly. Listen to your body, respect and honor it.


Our Paths Converge

Start your personal fitness journey, right person, online or at home!

Thank you for encouraging me from the very start. Exercise and Kung Fu have become a BIG part of my recovery and part of what makes me excited to live and excel at something in life. It helped tremendously in changing my life..

H. L.


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